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September 24, 2015
Rentals & Locating

You spent months—and may even had a small panic attack—you're lease is about to expire and you're not sure if you want to renew or redo your living situation! You don't really want to live in your same apartment with the M.C. Escher bathroom again, do you? Fortunately, the Reside apartment locating team is here to help with a dedicated private home rental and apartment locating service, which is 100% FREE to our clients.

Yet, you decide you want to spend your Friday night in your PJs searching on Craigslist and Facebook for an apartment deal. Stagnating in your old rental apartment, you stumble upon and see the bright shining light of the yellow rose rental locating team.

You thought you may have finally found that perfect apartment by yourself...

But, what happened?

1. The team asked smart questions and actually LISTENED to your wants, needs, and desires for the next perfect spot.

Let us know your preferred neighborhood or area, budget, amenities (pool, gym, etc), pets, and more. We'll send you a PERSONALIZED list of our favorite spots that match YOUR criteria.

2. The Yellow Rose Apartment Locating team even manages to get you one, two, and sometimes three months FREE. Sometimes we can even get you a FREE application fee, and/or reduced or free deposits!

We live in an information-rich age, but we strive on those old-school things called RELATIONSHIPS to get you the best deal and apartment in town!

3. It's not rocket science, it's customer service.

We strive to simplify the apartment and rental process, and make this "stressful" experience FUN and pain free.

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